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"Quality first, customer first" is our service goal

Core Values

Our core values are the core of our corporate culture and the basic faith and goal observed and pursued by us in our operation, which mainly reflect the main thoughts which the management tries to advocate for an effective operation.

Based on our actual conditions, business characteristics, corporate culture and other factors, we’ve established a core value system with the cultural characteristics of Shihe Optical Cable, “Pursuing Excellence on the Basis of Honesty”. Our corporate culture is composed of five core elements, including “humanism, honesty, responsibility, innovation and harmony”. We attach importance to the five elements in the development of the company. We take “people as our basis, honesty as our gold, responsibility as our foundation, innovation as our soul and harmony as our success”, which has pointed out the direction of our core values. “Pursuing excellence on the basis of honesty” has been a fundamental principle, value and guide to our actions and behaviors during the development of the company, which is not only the cultural manifestation of our scientific outlook on development, but also a cultural guideline to our harmonious development. It can enhance our cohesion and unity, enable us to build a united, collaborative, efficient and excellent team, and ultimately realize an all-round development for the company and its employees.

Philosophy System

Based on the industrial characteristics and the company’s operation status and demand for overall development, we are aiming to “build an enterprise of cyclic development, an industrial park based on science and technology and a family-like harmonious home” and concentrate the confidence and expectations of all people of Shihe in the future of the company. Guided and encouraged by the good vision, all people of the company take on the mission of “increasing the value of resources and boosting the social prosperity” and the important tasks of properly developing and utilizing the resources, promoting the industrial cyclic development and the flourishing and progress of society and economy, trying their best to achieve a harmonious development among the enterprise, society, nature and people. Adhering to the spirit of “innovation, pragmatism, efficiency and dedication”, the company tries to motivate the employees and invigorate the company. By refining ten philosophies including quality, safety, market, service, environment, management, work, team, talent and learning, the company has been improved and regulated constantly in terms of business philosophy, which is conducive to the healthy and stable development of the company.

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